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20 August 1978
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Hi, y'all.

My name is Kat. I'll be 29 tomorrow. I live in Kansas.

I'm a huge Supernatural fan. I also write fics for it. So, I apologize in advance.

Fave music: Beatles, Nickleback, Elvis, Rolling Stones. Pretty much, you name it, I'll probably like it.

Fave movies: Casablanca, It's a Wonderful Life, Some Like It Hot, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, James Bond movies, X-Men trilogy, Batman Begins, the Star Wars movies. I pretty much like old movies. I have a lot more faves, but as you get to know me, I'll probably talk more about them.

Fave shows: Supernatural is my current fave. X-Files is probably my all-time fave, though.

Fave actors: Jensen Ackles, Christian Bale, Ewan McGregor, Tom Hanks.